Communication, web, mixroom - event 2017

Rules of account @museomix :
- priority is to make understand what is going on: explain everything you can
- contextualize teams, profiles, projects, museums
- explain clearly what it is about (fields of remix, states of work...)
- use synthesis with Storify, Stories...
- nobody cares about museomixers drinking coffee or beer, no use to talk about it
- one picture of candy is enough

Rules of account @wemakemuseum (Lama Facilitator) :
- the Lama follows nobody
- the Lama respects nothing but he's clever
- the Lama isn't real, he can't be taken in picture
- the Lama doesn't write any word wrong
- his mission is to create links between communities
- the Lama relays videos of mixroom
- the Lama shall be everywhere
- Beware the Lama

Intercomunity, Afternoon 8/07/2017

Topics : global com, mixroom, referents.

Goal : a coordinated communication strategy

3 main questions:
- How to make Museomix understandable ?
- People willing to contribute from far away, from home for example, how to?
- Keep something from the event (archives) ?

Examples of communication mecanisms:
- Blog of MuseomixAura? 2016 : « Is Museomix for my museum ? » / « Est-ce que Museomix est fait pour mon musée ? »
- Azur : press campaign in the local city newspaper, portraits of museomixers
- Midi Py : to manage the global community & Midi Py in 2016, the communication cell involved 23 people including 17 students on the mixroom (5 sur la mixroom) et 12 on the webteam. Students from communication, even if there were not specialized in social media but we did little workshops just before to make sure they understood what was museomix and to understand the specific tools. The team was big and we want to do the same this year.
- Belgium : Museomix BE took the videos for the global mixroom.

Mixroom is composed of :
- Video part (filming, but also organising the video of the other 12 communities to make a global video) (usually 3 people, skilled with curiosity, relevant questions, video editing, audio, filming- free choice of software !) Absolutely necessary to have a good audio quality/good microphone
- Communication part (social media, press and else)

Mixroom guidelines : See the document : Mixroom2017?-How to (which is on the drive, Museomix2017?). It is a common convention : with explanations of the FTP access, the common usage, everything is written, suggestions of video thematics.
Role of the Mixroom Video part : Shooting, editing and sharing videos on a common FTP (common storage) during the three days of the event. Three days of synchronicity ; mixroom is the only way to document the whole event. Video have to be insightful, with ambitions ! Because it is one of the only traces to show & convince museums. You have to be very accurate in the mixroom and choose relevant data : let’s show genuine people involvment, precise details (ex. partners (why do they come here, what kind of machine do they bring ?) « The video of the day » : At least one video per day of 30 seconds to transmit to the global at the end of the afternoon, every day. So that the video organizer can add it to a youtube playlist, and it is shown in each local plenaries. This « video summary of the day » has to be sent to the global around 4 pm (Who exactly coordinates: still to define – probably hosted in Belgium - need to talk with Raphael)
NB : time difference with Brasil, so that Mina Gerais can post at the same time as the rest of local communities. Example of México : they did release a video about general organisation on the Thursday, before the arrival of museomixers.

Social Media :
Role of the global account :
- Goal : coordination & link. Difference with the role of the local communities (=strenghten their own ecosystem)
- Janaine (MuseomixMidiPi?) is now running the museomix account (facebook page and twitter account). @Janaine : make sure to connect to other communities accounts, and perhaps make a presentation of the new communities (ex. : presentation of brasilian community => so that they have more visibility and they are linked to the global)
- Only about general info, that concern all the communities and the global, and retweet of locals
- Common language of the global account : English
- EXCEPT for retweets from local communities account (which tweets in their own language). Importance to keep the global museomix account alive.

Use a common hashatg (more impact !)
- #museomix :always add this to your own personal hastags
- To poke a community, if you want to precise something, you can add #museomix #italia
- Mention @museomix rather than #museomix when you want to ask something or ask to interact
- #Help #museomix : if you need advice or specific help from other communities.
- #challenge #museomix : experiment done in Midi Py, they had tickets from FunRadio?, so that suggested chalenges on the social media related to museomix and innovation. People could then participate even from afar. Why not use it in other comumunities (not necessarily with supercommercialFunRadio ;) )
- We don’t use #oclock anymore

The Social Wall : you project on the screen during the event (you get a link and you project this screen). You can see what everybody is posting on the social media about museomix, see what time it is in other communities (Quebec, Brasil, …), how many contributors. Janaïne is moderating it, choosing the most relevant. It is a real tool for the communities (dialogue are possible between communties, battle, etc.)

Announce from Sam (BE) : call for articles, newspaper, external sources about museomix. Willing to create a general Museomix Wikipedia page (to gain more visibility on google search and it would help to communicate quickly : what is museomix ? What is a fablab ? etc.) => wikipedia is very cautious about self promotion so we need external sources.

Open question : Arthur suggested to open a new Medium Account (Medium is linked to Twitter) : editorial articles, share museomix in a large way.

1. Make sure you access & explore the google drive « Museomix 2017 »
Poke @Maryline if you have questions
Key documents summarized in « co-library.doc »
Update your community’s reference contacts
TO DO List to be filled, choose your referents

2. Make sure you have access to the website backoffice
ASAP : Check if your 3 mandatory pages are filled : « Musée » « Communauté » et « Lieu » « Comunauté » & translate
Fill in the prototype database just after the event, publish the prototype